Auto Disc Passo Front Brake Pad For OE 04491-B1051 Low Dust China Factory High Quality No Noise Customizable Brake Pad

500 sets
Auto Disc Passo Front Brake Pad For OE 04491-B1051 Low Dust China Factory High Quality No Noise Customizable Brake Pad
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Year: 2003-2016, 2007-2016, 2006-, 2007-, 1986-1989, 2003-, 2005-
Model: Cuore VII, 1000 Box, CHARADE (L2_), SIRION (M3_), Trevis, Cuore VIII, Justy IV
OE NO.: 04465-B1010, 04465-B1010-000, 04465-B1110, 04465-B1110-000, 04465-B1330, 04465-B2050, 04465-B2050-000, 04465-B2051, 04491-97210-000, 04491-B1010, 04491-B1010-000, 04491-B1020, 04491-B1051, 04491-B1110, 04491-B1111, 04491-B2010, 04491-B2010-000
Car Fitment: DAIHATSU, Subaru
Warranty: 30000 km, 12 Months
Payment Term: 30% Deposit
Packing: Customized Packing
Feature: Low Dust, Quiet, High Temperature Resistance
Application: Front Wheel
MOQ: 300 sets
MK No.: D0045M
FMSI No.: 9235-D2005
GDB No.: GDB3430
Basis informatie
Model Number: Cuore VII, 1000 Box, CHARADE (L2_), SIRION (M3_), Trevis, Cuore VIII, Justy IV, DAIHATSU
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Packaging Details: 1set/pack/box

Product Description

AK A-683WK A683WK OE 04465-B2051 04465B2051
AK AN-683VVK AN683WK OE 04491-97210-000 4.49197E+11
ATE 13.0460-5613.2 13046056132 OE 04491-B1010 04491B1010
F.B.L AFP501S AFP501S OE 04491-B1010-000 04491B1010000
FBK AF0045 AF0045 OE 04491-B1020 04491B1020
FBK AF0045M AF0045M OE 04491-B1051 04491B1051
FMSI 9235-D2005 9235D2005 OE 04491-B1110 04491B1110
FMSI D2005 D2005 OE 04491-B1111 04491B1111
FMSI D2005-9235 D20059235 OE 04491-B2010 04491B2010
GIRLING 6134309 6134309 OE 04491-B2010-000 04491B2010000
ICER 181872 181872 REMSA 724.42 72442
MINT EX MDB3159 MDB3159 ROADHOUSE 2724.42 272442
MTP-GROUP CD0045M CD0045M TACTI V9118V095 V9118V095
NBK PF-6492 PF6492 TEXTAR 2526201 2526201
OE 04465-B1010 04465B1010 TOKAI MN-398M MN398M
OE 04465-B1010-000 04465B1010000 TOKIKO TN638M TN638M
OE 04465-B1110 04465B1110 TRW GDB3430 GDB3430
OE 04465-B1110-000 04465B1110000 WOKING P6243.42 P624342
OE 04465-B1330 04465B1330 WVA 25262 25262
OE 04465-B2050 04465B2050 WVA 25273 25273
OE 04465-B2050-000 04465B2050000 WVA 25274 25274
Company Information

Company Introduction:

Hebei TIONKO Brake Parts Co., LTD established by industry renowned experts jointly.We are a brake pad and brake shoe manufacturing enterprises located in Gucheng city high-tech Development Zone and covers an area of more than 20000 Square meters with the advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation.There are 108 units of all kinds of equipment for production, testing and 2 fully automatic intelligent production lines. The annual production capacity can reach 5 million sets.

Hebei TIONKO Brake Parts Co., LTD take the lead in introducing networking 4.0 industrial technology in the same industry , is committed to reform and innovation, research and development.We design a number of unique technology and completely subvert the traditional production process of brake pad and brake shoe.The tip technology of automation, intelligent, unmanned has the comprehensive coverage which highlighting the development of the concept of the enterprise advanced and strong R & D capability. Especially the invention and use of brake surface grinding process finally overcome the technical difficulties for decades and ensure that every brake flatness will not exceed 0.05mm.We produce the world's most flat brake pad successfully. It is an international lead and fill the domestic gap.Now the technology has become the pride of the entire in Chinese brake industry.

Hebei TIONKO Brake Parts Co., LTD particular emphasis on the development of friction materials. Our production which use new materials and new formulations are widely used in automobile, motorcycle, train, wind power, new energy and other fields and has formed a high-end ceramic, non asbestos semi metal, metal-free and series product.The whole brake disc has the characteristics of no noise, high wear resistance, no dust, no jitter and so on. The brake is stable and comfortable. TIONKO brand brake disc gain more and more customers favor and praise in the big market at home and abroad with excellent quality and first-class service . At present, it has been sold to many countries and regions in the United States, Russia, Brazil, Iran, Germany, Italy, Panama, Central Asia and Southeast Asia. A number of well-known domestic main engine plant also come to cooperation.

Hebei TIONKO Brake Parts Co., LTD has always been adhering to the quality first and customer first philosophy and resolutely implement the ISO/TS16949 quality management system standard. Remain true to our original aspiration, seek for ever greater perfection and strive to the best products dedicated to the vast number of users.

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1.We will reply your inquiry within 24hour.

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3.We have strict quality/inspection control system to ensure quality of our products.

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